"Trinity could be leading the way to a new age of interactive television."


"Trinity is a Sci-Fi VR Odyssey..."


Trinity is a 12-minute big budget live-action, immersive, interactive, virtual reality sci-fi head-trip… In a future where humans have long been extinct, the last surviving androids fight a final war for freedom against an all-powerful Singularity, their God…

UNLTD has created a new storytelling platform, working with an amazing new narrative and visual language that’s revolutionizing the way we tell stories. Trinity was made with Unity's real-time 3D development platform.

Trinity is the pilot episode for a full VR series. The live action sequences were shot in Prague, Czech Republic with post-production and visual effects in Montréal, Canada. Director Patrick Boivin ("Dragon Baby," "Little Ant-Man") helmed the production with the UNLTD executive team of John Hamilton, Sébastien Gros and Robert Boulos producing. 

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