About TRINITY...


Trinity is a 12-minute big budget live-action, immersive, interactive, virtual reality sci-fi head-trip… In a future where humans have long been extinct, the last surviving androids fight a final war for freedom against an all-powerful Singularity, their God…


UNLTD has created a new storytelling platform, working with an amazing new narrative and visual language that’s revolutionizing the way we tell stories. Trinity was made with Unity's real-time 3D development platform.


"Creators like UNLTD are redefining VR cinema. We are so proud to be supporting storytelling of this caliber and experiences like TRINITY, which raise the quality bar for everyone," said Isabelle Riva, Head of Made with Unity, Unity Technologies.


Trinity is the pilot episode for a full VR series. The live action sequences were shot in Prague, Czech Republic with post-production and visual effects in Montréal, Canada. Director Patrick Boivin ("Dragon Baby," "Little Ant-Man") helmed the production with the UNLTD executive team of John Hamilton, Sébastien Gros and Robert Boulos producing


TRINITY Production Credits



Patrick Boivin



John Hamilton, Sébastien Gros, Robert Boulos 


Executive Producer

David Reckziegel



Randall Lobb, John Hamilton


Director of Photography 

Sébastien Gros

Interactive Design

Nicolas Roy, Hugues Bruyère

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Made with Unity:










About the Developer UNLTD...


UNLTD is an innovative virtual and augmented reality production studio at the forefront of design and creation of high-end virtual, augmented and mixed reality experiences. UNLTD believes VR/AR/XR will enhance the way the world creates and consumes content. The company was founded in 2015 with the mission of taking entertainment to the next level through virtual and augmented reality. With the executive team's vast experience with 3D/360/Stereo camera and shooting technology, UNLTD develops and applies a variety of proprietary revolutionary production and post-production techniques to achieve the best result in VR/AR/XR entertainment experiences. UNLTD is located in Montréal, Canada.

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